Monday, October 10, 2011

Polymer Clay Cane Slices as Nail Art.... and a GIANT Catfish!!!

These are some of the canes I made using FIMO classic last year. They were perfect for embedding in some gel nails for a Howl'o'ween design.

I like to use FIMO classic because it maintains the patterns better while decreasing the cane and making it smaller. Softer clays will distort.

I just added the rose and skull cane over my already made two weeks ago black glitter tips. I added some nail polish dots in a swirly pattern to dress things up a bit.

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Artario. So we went visiting. We got a little bit lost on the way home and ended up seeing some pretty amazing stuff!

Mr Jimmy swears I almost crashed when I saw this. I remained calm..... I swear!

Well, mostly calm.

Hope you had a festive fall weekend too.