Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness!

Random acts of kindness don't happen as often as they should.
I wish I could say that I made them happen more often than I do. I do try to make things easier for folks on a daily basis. I smile often and try not to smile for no reason.
(I've been told it comes across as creepy. As in "Kellie! Stop smiling like that you're creeping me out!" Co workers can be so picky.)

I have been on the receiving end of some pretty amazing kindnesses!
One being this guy....

Without a note or explanation of any kind, we found this guy sitting very happily on our front porch one October morning. It took me weeks to find out that he was deposited there by a kind and thoughtful neighbour. This guy made my day!

Today I received another random act of thoughtful kindness!

A Fabulous girlie of my acquaintance swung by me at work and handed me this.

Fabulous book

The day was made!
I was awe struck by the thoughtfulness involved.

First she had to think of me when she found this treasure. This in itself is a compliment.
Then she had to remember to tuck the book inside her bag.
Then she had to remember that book was in there when she saw me.

An amazing feat of glee giving!
Thanks ever so much Deb.