Friday, September 14, 2018

Oh HI!!!!!
Forgot I had a blog there for a little while. Sorry folks. Thanks for hanging in there waiting for new posts. Here are a few things we've been up to this past month. 
I miss blogging!!!

I have sorted my fabrics (most gifted recently in three GIANT leaf bags) into different sorts. A stack of cotton, a stack of jersey, a stack of fleece...... well, you get the picture. Beastie came to the sewing room and asked for pants. I told her to pick one from the fleece pile and one from the cotton. This is what she chose. She's a fashion icon now. Notice the stylish and functional pockets? 

We've baked up some bun-nies..... Get it? BUN nies???? You see what we did there???

First day of school ever and Beastie was struck down with the terrible flu.
Looking forward to trying again next week. I'll stock up on hand sanitizer.....

Boot socks!!! I'm irrationally concerned that her calves may chafe inside her rainboots and am taking action to prevent it! 

We were gifted a bazillion gorgeous organic tomatoes. Beastie was in charge of cleaning them up.

I let her make tomato soup using the fresh fruit. She added molasses and basil and garlic but that was it. So yummers!

Loads of nail art has happened since I've been here and posted. I've particularly enjoyed the moon art that's been requested lately.

So adorable!!!

I've been enjoying the variety of shapes requested too.

More sock knitting! This lace reminds me that I can follow instructions. 

More moon art. These were all done with gel paint over hard gel support nails.

Couldn't decide on one purple...... so she decided on ALL of them.

These are mine this month. I think next month will be squirrels!!!

Found Beastie a real honest to goodness tool set at the antiques market! Can't wait to see what these two get up to. Oh hey!!! There's Mr. Jimmy in his new home sewn shirt too!!!