Monday, February 4, 2019

Winter Makes and Second Hand Finds

It's been very, very cold and very, very warm in the last couple of weeks. We're not sure if we should be tucking into our nests to cower from winter or outside enjoying the brief spots of warm. We've found a bit of time for exploring our local Antiques Warehouse and we've been making some things too.

We scored Beastie this swank pair of never worn saddle shoes. (I know they're on the table, but they're not new so I'm allowing it.) 

Amazing linen tablecloth. I love that it matches the seasonal fruit selection. 

Beastie's new self designed dress. She chose the fabric and the pattern and added pockets and a tie.

She also wanted some new mittens. we used our own pattern to make these. Here is the link to construction. And the link to finishing. It was a speedy make. Took all of twenty minutes from start to finish. She chose Strawberry Shortcake flannel for the lining. 

Made Merc some scrunchies and sent them off this morning. 

Fiddling around with some new sculpting techniques for my hard gel nails. Very excited about casting molds of these. 

There has be sooooooo much soup making this winter! Nothing seems to warm us up like a nice hot cup of home made soup. Hope you're all keeping toasty.