Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Day!!!

We carve jack o lanterns every year on the day before Halloween, or Devil's Night.
This year it is taking almost the whole day. We carve a bit then rest, then carve a bit then eat....

Here are the pumpkins so far.

This is Mom's pumpkin so far. It's freakin' me out a bit!
She doesn't like it and has started another. I hope she finishes this one I think it's gonna be pretty cool.

This is Mr. Jimmy's Cy kin. He is cheerful.
I think James is going to define the eye with a bit more carving once he can put a light in there and see things better.

Here is the start of Maggie's Kitty Kin. She'll be back to carve more once it's darker outside.

Here is my Nosferatu pumpkin. Doesn't look very good without some light in there.
I got the idea from this fantastic site called
Zombie Pumpkins
They have some pretty skilled pattern makers over there.
I added depth with multi layer cutting.

Here he is with the sunlight shining through him. I need to define things a bit more, but I'm pretty happy with the results.