Monday, June 5, 2017

Building the Perfect Polish Shelves

We spent about $40.00 on these nail polish shelves. They were so very easy to make and they look fantastic! Thought I'd share how we did it with you. They'd be great for holding all sorts of things. Picture frames, greeting cards, thread? Great display storage.

Here are the finished shelves. The trim came in 8ft lengths, so to keep things simple I made my shelves 4ft long.

This is the trim we purchased. We go two of each. I think I may need to go get more for the other wall..... We layered the two trims one on top of the other. First I drilled and screwed the flat trim to the wall. Then I used finishing nails t attach the curvy trim. Flat side up and flush with the top pf the plain trim.Easy peasy!

Holds the polish perfectly!

I've been having loads of fun looking for the perfect glitter mix. This one has possibilities....

I started experimenting with nail art plates and jelly stampers too....
I'm having so much fun!!!