Monday, April 4, 2011

Cupboard Doors Are Going Back On.

The upper cupboards are all painted turquoise and the very top cupboard doors are all painted white. We went this morning and purchased a drill that doesn't give us a shock every time we push the on trigger. So we're off and running. Drilling new holes for the new handles and
re installing the doors.

I think I might be in love with them so I took a picture
to make it last longer!

They're still a bit wet so I"m leaving them open until they're completely dry.

Here is the new clock we got at Canadian Tire. I think it's a Debbie Travis design. It's hung up on a not painted yet wall because we couldn't wait to oogle at it. I'm beginning to think all this mess and work might just be worth it!

Early Morning Thrifting

Mom and I both went thrifting this morning. We both brought back some treasures.

Mom found this pretty sheet in London at the big thrift shop (it may be turned into a house dress) and she found this little purple summer dress at the local shop here in town. I grabbed the apron at the local shop as well as this super cool hair dryer! I hope it will work with pin curls and pillow curlers. We'll see how practical a purchase it was later tonight. It was $4.99 and is clearly marked WORKS!

I also scored some pretty awesome patterns! I am excited to unfold them and see how complete they are. Our Salvation Army shop (aka Sally Anne) only charges the original price on the pattern, but you are taking a risk by not knowing if the whole pattern is there.
So far...... it's been a pretty good day!