Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Costume Update

The bustle mini skirt, or Gothic Lolita skirt for my Victorian Raven Lady costume.

I built the skirt on a duct tape copy of me that I discovered how to make through

There are between ten and twelve layers of ruffle on the back of the skirt, and I'm not counting the three layers of feather boa I have tucked in there to represent tail feathers.
Most of the skirt is hand stitched in place and ALL of the fabric is recycled from pre loved clothing.
A BIG thanks to my Mom for scouring all the local thrift shops for black skirts.

Here is an update on the corset (also made out of mostly re-purposed clothing). I have the eyelets in place, however I don't think they're going to stay there long. The fabric was too flimsy and should have been reinforced down the edges where the eyelets went.

It's hard to see here but there is a scalloped edge on the bottom of the corset. The only new things I purchased for this piece were the bias tape trim (two packs) and the eyelets, everything else I already had or found at the thrift shop.

Singing Angel Ornament

Look who's on the cover of PolymerCAFE magazine for December!

I can finally start to share some sneak peeks with you all.
I've been busy the past few months with commissions and am excited to announce my good fortune in hitting the cover of this exquisite magazine. PolymerCAFE has been one of the best tools we have as polymer artists to hear about new exciting techniques and I'm more than thrilled to be asked to share.