Monday, July 4, 2011

More Vacation Pics............... Any Guesses Where we went Yet?

James and I standing in the lupin field at the end of the lane way.
Lupines from this field were cut and made into flower arrangements for the Royal visit.
Pretty cool...... Will and Kate will enjoy the same beautiful flowers we played in.

A teeny little (deceased) jellyfish.

Mags having pretty amazing photographic skills on the beach. She got us all in this shot!

Maggs and Alan in the Kayak.

Fabulous West Jet! We love everyone who works for you.

Maggs made me a pretty corsage at
Hearts and Flowers
to match my mushroom dress.

Pretty much the very best bread pudding I've ever experienced.

Aunt Janet and I enjoying the beach.

Mr. Jimmy and Alan enjoying a walk also.

Can't thank these two enough for their incredible hospitality.
They dealt with a home move, numerous weddings, a royal visit and us visiting all in the same week. We couldn't have had a better time. Truly, the most beautiful relaxed place in the world.
Thank you you two for sharing it.
Love you heaps


So....any ideas?
Come on...... lets have a guess.
You know you wanna!