Saturday, September 14, 2013

Even More Delicious Autumn Pair Fixin's

We were gifted with even more delicious fall pears. A different variety then last week, but just as delicious and ripe. Here are a few of the things we've done with them so far.

These guys are a little bit bigger and have very yellow skin. They are very juicy and have delicate white flesh.

This is Pear and Jalapeno Chutney. It smells of Christmas, all cinnamon and ginger, but it's the hottest preserve I've ever tried. Can't wait to see what happens to it after it sits for a few months.

The pears were so ripe I really couldn't stew them without them falling apart. So I just poured a sugar syrup infused with cloves and ginger and a few chai tea bags. There are also some dried berries thrown in just because I had them.

This is the stewed pear and peach salad. It's just in a simple sugar syrup, but they're delicious just the same. These are just out of the caner and you can still see the bubbles rising up from the syrup boiling.

I made some more pear and zucchini bread. That's six giant loaves so far. I love it the most the next day, sliced thick and reheated in the toaster with butter and sharp cheddar. So delicious! I'll be sharing our recipe for pear and zucchini loaf this weekend too so stay tuned.