Monday, September 20, 2010

Ball Jointed Doll (BJD) Vampire Face Up.

This is Gretel, Maggie's Ball Jointed Doll. The above picture shows what she usually looks like.
However, for Halloween, Gretel likes to dress up!

Wanted to share this for for all of you who want to Halloween up you BJD's

Some things you'll need:

Various colours of acrylic paint. (I use Golden artist grade 'cause I like it best!)
Fine paint brushes
Small stiff brushes (for dry-brushing)
Water (for cleaning brushes)
Paper towels (for blotting brushes)
Light brown pencil crayon sharpened (for drawing in details)
Spray sealant

Draw in the eyebrows with the pencil crayon. (Erase if necessary to correct)
I hold the piece upside down to see if it's symmetrical. Looking at it in the mirror helps too.

Mix a blush colour and load up a small stiff bristle brush. Rub off almost all the paint and use the rest to blush the cheeks and outer eye edges. A little bit goes a long way, you can always add more but removing it means starting over.

Redefine the eyebrows with the pencil.

Add eyeliner in brown.

I added Twirls on the outer corners of the eye.
I used a fine brush and brown thinned out paint.
I also added red lips.

I painted in two fangs with white paint.

Above the eye crease I added iridescent gold.
Golden acrylic paints have some pretty cool pigment choices.

She can see again. I put her eyes back in.

Easy face up for the Howlidays!