Thursday, January 11, 2018

So Many Nails

So many nails!!!!
It's been a fantastic month. Heaps of new clients all with new nail art ideas. Here are a few of them. Too many to post them all. 

This was a transparent blue builder gel over top of some holographic glitter that was applied over a base of opaque blue gel. Love the depth this technique gives.

Some matte burgundy gels with a 3D gel brush sculpted rose.

A hand painted snowman with a few accent nails. Loads of snowy glitter and a sweater nail in grey.

Great set! Love doing marble! and who can resist matte black?

A hand painted feather with an embedded crystal.

These are some embedded shards of mica flake. Soooooo pretty!!!

A simple double stamped snowflake with holo glitter accents.

Chilly blue and silver with some 3D swirls in snowy matte.

Lovely sweaters.

3D swirls with blizzard glitter. Brrrrrrrrrr.....

Sweet pink set.

Natural nail polish mani. I love doing these.

A faded chrome over white with a 3D ring finger for textrue.

I was calling these ones Canadian winter. We did a glitter fade and a plaid with chrome tape.

These were my Holiday nails. a mauve ombre with snowy stamps.

More sweaters. This time with a metallic denim accent.

Black gel overlays with some rainbow glitter.

Some natural looking french extensions.

My glittery New Year Nails. Matte nudes over a glitter base edged in 3D white powder.

More pretty pink festive nails.
Hope these are a bit inspiring.
I'm tired now.....

Maybe I'll relax by painting more nails.

HAPPY 2018