Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Werewolf Update! OMG!!! IT"S HUGE!!!!!

Here is an update post on Maggie's final art project. 
This guy is going to be HUGE!!!
It's quickly taking over the whole main floor of our house and frightening the heck out of us when we go into the kitchen for middle of the night drinks of water.
Maggs will be posting a much more detailed tutorial on her blog as soon as school is out.

There is no longer room for sit down table suppers.  We just slide hamburgers in where ever we can around the giant werewolf. Maggs made the hands out of crumpled tinfoil covered in gorilla tape so they're completely pose-able. The forearms are made from chicken wire and can be moved around also.
She's a genius!

 Here are the teeth Maggs made using STAEDTLER fimo air basic. She hot glued them in and trimmed them with red felt to simulate gums.

This is one of my favorite pics of Maggs ever!
She's lovingly cutting the eye slits so her beast can see. She slipped the eyes she made from fimo air basic earlier in the week into the slits.

Here she's got the first of the fun fur hot glued onto the head. She's just trimming the seams and making sure everything is matching up and laying flat.

I can't wait until she's all done this guy.
Couldn't be a prouder Mom.