Friday, April 22, 2011

Nammy's Easter Tulips. Or the Merrits of Flower Arranging With a Frog

This is a glass frog.

It's used to hold up flowers in a low container. We find them in thrift shops for teeny amounts of money and scoop up the pretty ones. Mom says Nammy used to use them for arrangements like this one.

It's funny how a couple little tulips can lift your spirits and remind you of somebody you wish were still here. Nammy was pretty awesome, always wore an apron while in the kitchen and always had a doily on the back of the chairs. Such soft cheeks and hands and an even softer manner. I miss her the most on spring days.

These little mallard ducks showed up this week too. Right on schedule. The husband always watches out while the wife finds tidbits to eat in the roadside. He only gets some after she's safely off the road. So gallant. I look forward to them coming back every year. It's a sure sign of warmer weather.