Sunday, August 27, 2017

Getting Out and Enjoying the Weather

We spent a magnificent day at a rock covered beach in Godrich. I'm not a traditional beach goer. I do love to swim...... Well, er.... float. But sitting on a beach for hours doesn't seem like good times to me. Unless there are billions and billions of cool rocks to sift through!!!

Look at this one!!! Beastie found it and I think it's a fossil of a shell end. Sooooo cool!!!

Beastie has adopted the tomato as her favorite fruit. She's eaten more than I can count and her Momma is thrilled. She cleared out her Great Gramma Dar's garden on a recent visit. She managed to down a couple pints of ground cherries too. At least we know she's getting her fair share of fruit.

We've dusted off our fall movies and Beastie has been watching non stop. Her favorites are The Wizard Of OZ, Hocus Pocus and The Worst Witch (on Netflix). She has announced that she is, in fact, a witch. Here she is demanding a lift on her sturdy broom.

Fall baking has begun too. Some zucchini and carrot muffins have been conjured. 

The Salon is feeling more homey. Still need some finishing touches. A bench and small table maybe. Someplace for purses to be tossed or a waiting client to sit. But it feels real and cozy now. I think I'm going to really enjoy this new life chapter. Feeling very lucky to have had the chance to explore my options. Never stop searching and learning and wondering. The dream is where The Happy lives. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How Much Trouble Can I Get Into With Twenty Dollars Worth of Upholstery Fabric?

Last Month we went to Fabricland and bought up some swank sale fabric. They always have end of season sales that offer HEAPS of savings and we like to try to get to a couple a year. Must keep the stocks piled high you know!!

Mr. Jimmy picked out three yards of this amazing upholstery weight magic!
He asked for a short sleeved collar shirt.

He chose a spotty turquoise contrasty fabric for the lining bits from the scraps bin.

We are both pretty happy with the results. Can you tell he's happy?

There was just enough fabric left to make myself a longish pair of shorts. I chose a stripey bit for the pocket and band linings.

Then I decided I needed a blouse or something to wear with the shorts. Found this bit of chiffon that fit the bill. Didn't really have a pattern so I fumbled around all day until I had something that was wearable. It's long enough that I can respectably wear it with leggings or simply tuck it into an incredible pair of psychedelic shorts! I added the tie as an afterthought. It's my favorite part!

We went on some adventures and found a GIANT mudcat!
Good thing Beastie is still too young to be embarrassed by her Grandparent's style choices...
Or is she? Maybe that's why she running?

Oh dear..... She's running in this one too.....
Maybe she just wanted to be matchy too! She hasn't figured out that my blouse lining is the same fabric as her dress straps!!!
Poor, poor Beastie....

This was a little pond in behind the giant Muddy the Mudcat statue. So pretty and calm.
We needed it too after all the excitement of looking like circus attractions.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Nails, Nails, Nails! And a Grandpa Jimmy Shirt in the Works.

I've been getting a heap of learning in these past few weeks!
I think I've been steadily improving but I know there is soooooooo much more to learn.
Looking forward to every second!

A simple summertime nail polish mani. White nails with a navy accent nail hand painted bandana design.

Had a beautiful creator in with a bit of a nail nibbling history. Sorted that straight out.

Another fabulous maker with first time tips. I couldn't resist giving her some bling.

Some mini tips for a busy working Momma. We totally designed these for her. Mixed the gel colour to her specs and hand painted arrows on her ring fingers.

My Momma is finally wearing her nails all grown out. I've coated them in gel and will continue to fill them every five weeks as needed. I love these! They are her nails and her natural shape.

Another busy working Momma who needed some nail therapy. We gave her some cheerful hand-painted gel colour polka dots and daisies and a glitzy silver sparkle ring finger and thumb for good measure.

Momma Beast took her Grandma (My Momma) to the tattoo parlor and bought her a hand heart so she matches us now. Love that they are doing this. They are the sweetest!!!

Grandpa Jimmy has chosen the fabric for his next work shirt. I love his adventurous nature. How cool is this print? Oh and don't get me started on the colours!!! The accent fabric is turquoise with tiny pink polka dots!!! I'll spend some time with this today. can't wait until this one's done.

Beastie is looking forward to the leaves changing colour and falling. She knows that means Halloween time! She LOVES dress up. Last week she was a spider and had a great time chasing us all away from her web and pretend eating cheetos (mosquitoes). I'll tell her not to wish for fall too hard. There's still heaps of summer to enjoy.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

We've Been Up to Things

Beastie has been baking up a storm this summer! She takes great care decorating her fruity tarts.  They are filled with vanilla pudding and topped with berries and then some thinned out berry jam. Then she tops them with a sprig of mint from the front garden. 

I got to do my Auntie J's nails this week!!! She's here from clear across the country. Couldn't love her more!!!

These are her tiny nails before we put her extensions on. So wee and delicate. 

I really could not have achieved this C curve without using Nail Innovationz formz and products. Not to mention their schooling....... Love this product more than I can tell you.
And they Nail Nerdz support network that comes with their training.

I've made heaps more nail bags for the Salon this week too!

We've formulated our very own Cute-A-Kell's oil!!!
It contains more than six nourishing oils including cocoa, sunflower, coconut and vitamin E!
There is a vial in every bag.

I also included a new nail brush and two files along with our oil and some cotton buds for easy application.

Added some crisp white extensions to these beautiful hard working fingers.

These tiny treasures are as cute as a bug!

Wild bitsy foxes and flowers on these tiny nails. These girls sat so calmly! Wonderful time decorating them!

My nails got did this week too!
I finally put some mini stiletto nails back on.
Couldn't resist a bit of glitter either. I used STAEDTLER iridescent. and Martha Stewart clear glitters. The plain nails have some white striping tape inside. I may have to play with these a bit more when I find a second or two.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer Lovin, and Some Branding

I've been incredibly lucky to have had the time to spend playing this summer. Feeling VERY fortunate and loved. We're having to scrimp a bit without the extra paycheck while I study. But it's soooooooo worth it!!!

We made some teeny tiny tarts. filled them with vanilla pudding, berry jam and berries and garnished with a fresh sprig of garden mint. So full of summer.

Walks in the woods are happening. Chipmunks live there!!!

The front lawn is the perfect place for cuddles and bedtime cartoon watching. Well..... until the mosquitoes come out. Then there's a mad sprint to the house before we're stung.

Still learning many many things. 

Developing a paint pallet for our younger clients!

We have brand tags now for all our sewn product. They are very small. A challenge to sew. But I'm pretty happy with the results.

The salon is filling up with bright new handmade product for sale! Still so much more to make and learn! This changing careers midlife is nerve wracking but I wouldn't change a thing!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Pre-Opening Salon Tour

Here is a wee bit of a Salon tour. We're not open yet.... Close.... But not quite yet.

How we managed.....

Monday, July 10, 2017

Refills, New Art and Beastie's First Rag Roll Set

Still studying my pants off and LOVING IT!!!
I have HEAPS more learning to do.

These are my new nails this week. I've used giant silver glitter mirrors, my own silver glitter mix, Moyou Stamping plates, Swarovski crystals and Nail Innovationz Gel Products!!!

Mom had a simple fill and re-balance with some swank new nail art. Very summery. Nail art design was totally swiped from Avry at Nail Innovationz.

Maggs is a bit of a nail biter. But she would really like to have some nail length so she can have more room for nail art. She asked for some Spirited Away nails. We put teeny tiny extensions on her and then added No Face to one of her ring fingers. She really does have the smallest little nails. Her middle finger nail is smaller than my pinkie finger nail. She's great to practice on. I'm pretty grateful to have had access to these little hands.

Rag rolls happened!!!!
I used to do my girls hair like this when they were wee!
Momma Beast set Beastie's hair and brought her up to say goodnight. It was so nice to see that she remembered having them herself. Momma Beast used to like them sooooooo much that she's ask me to leave them in for school. We tried to match her outfits to her rag rolls.
Ahhhhhhhh...... The memories.....
(wipes tear from cheek.....)

Beastie wasn't smitten with the frizz the next day and asked Momma Beast to tame it with MANY pony tails. 
This summer is melting away so very fast. 
Hope you're all having a chance to breath and enjoy the tiny things.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Where I Change Things Up a Bit and Speak of Nails, a Toddler and Being Canadian...

So.... In other words.... Exactly the same things I always show you....
Just a little bit different.

I got to do the nails of a very beautiful bride this past month. She chose nail polish over her manicured natural nails. LOVE this colour! We were able to match her dress exactly!

Broke my glasses...

Glamorous prom nails with opaque nude extensions and gold leaf fluttered over the tips.

Beastie discovered the joy of a good heritage tomato. She got into these ones that were pegged for some home made tomato soup. She snaggletoothed through three! Kept spraying me with the word "JUICY!". 

Momma Beast came home with this surprise. I'm still speechless. I think I muttered. "You silly thing..." at her. But I'm pretty choked up that she's matched me.

We had a wonderful Canada day! Even if the weather did everything it could to dampen our mood. It poured BUCKETS!!! But it was warm and we were all in good spirits. Took this shot seconds before it started drowning us all. There were hundreds and hundreds of folks all turned out in red and white, sharing food and laughs. We had cupcakes and dances and played in the new park with an uncountable number of friends. When we got home all of our fingers and toes were wrinkled and pruney from the wet, but we were laughing. Really lovely day!

Beastie has a voracious apatite for anything bitter, sour or spicy right now. She's been smitten with the dandelion greens in the lawn. Who needs a weedwacker? 

She also likes the pretty white lawn clover. tried to pick me all of them....

Our train brought our Mercy home for a quick visit. I miss her so much all of the time. She's not very far, just a few hours by train. I think it's about time we take our turn and visit her. That'll be exciting.  Trip to the big city......

Momma beast had her hair made all magical purple unicorn. It's almost holographic. So pretty!
Our hair girl is a wizard. 
Well, better get to it!
This house work isn't going to do itself.
Come on then..... Give me a nudge.