Monday, February 20, 2017

Another Busy Week and Some Progress

So many things to share.
We've been making steady progress with our new plans and finding plenty of time to spend with Baby Beastie and Momma Beast. Hope you stay tuned for more updates. I know it probably seems to be taking an age, but from our end it's all happening very quickly.

Came home to the Beastie making strawberry bubblegum cupcakes.

Mom has been finding some old pics and sharing them. This is her and my Father ages ago. She still looks the same to me.

It doesn't matter how much I fade the picture, you can still see that my poor index finger on my right hand was torn off and sewn back on. The injury is decades old. It sticks out kind of sideways-ish now. But it still works!

There! I've tucked it in. You can barely tell in this shot...

We took Beastie to Toys-R-Us for the first time ever! She was completely overwhelmed. Sat on the floor and looked around a bit. Momma Beast finally narrowed the choices down to three and this wonderful tree house was chosen.

We spent some time with the dearest of friends at the antique store and I was just as overwhelmed as Beastie was at the toy store. I think I might need to go back and rescue this piece. I have the perfect spot for it!

I lost my reading glasses and found them in the drive the next morning. They were perfectly fine after they warmed up.

So many changes to the house! We've removed heaps of paper from the front bedroom, It's so satisfying, peeling off the top layer in huge sheets. It's the bottom layer that's the problem. Loads of hot water and vinegar to soften the adhesive.

Beastie always wants to hide in her stuffies. She has so many! How did they all get here? Did they invite themselves in?

Tent time is the best! I still remember how cozy it felt to be tucked into my own secret space made from sheets and pillows. I challenge you all to make a pillow fort this week! You won't regret it!

I had to get Grandpa Jimmy to help with removing the cedar slats from the front bedroom closet. I was far too short to reach the top. This will be the most dramatic change to our tiny house once we're through.

I think we all worked and played very hard this week. Beastie nodded off during a particularly exciting episode of Poirot  She must have been exhausted!