Sunday, March 26, 2017


 Oh HI!!!
We're almost there!
Two more trades people to have in and then all this nonsense will be done with and we can get on with the new us.
Here's a wee update so you can see a bit more of what we've been up to.
We won't do a full reveal until it's all done.
(Soooooooo much work yet to do!)

We've emptied he front bedroom and removed all the wallpaper. This job took two weeks or so. Looking back at the photos it appears to have happened by magic, but let me tell you..... there was crying and pouting involved.

It really did come off quite easily.  Top vinyl layer peeled right off. Baby beastie helped and enjoyed this immensely! Had to spray the under-layer with hot water and vinegar then scrape it off with a pastry scraper. Glad to see the walls underneath were in great shape. Almost no repairs required.

Astounded to find that we were painting the room almost exactly the same colour it was before the paper went on! If you look very closely, you can see that I've cut the corners in. 

Beastie loves pulling off the tape. She was a HUGE help!

Friend (and HERO) Rich came over to help us knock a wall through. This used to be two closets. One in our foyer and another in the front bedroom. Now it's a handy entryway directly into our front room.

We put together some flat pack cupboards and added hardware store legs to give them some height. We painted them to match too!

I had the local building shop cut us some thick MDF and rout the edges to make a snappy desk! This was SOOOOOOO inexpensive! Great way to make a custom work top. I highly recommend it.

I painted to top of the table with three coats of cabinet paint. I'm LOVING this colour!!!

I made this quilt top a while back for Beastie and fell in love with the patterns and colours. I made a repeatable pattern from it and sent it in to Spoonflower to have it made up as my new theme fabric.

The new fabric arrived in just a few weeks and was more amazing than I ever dreamed! Even George was in love!

Now on to decorating!
More updates soon.
We're almost done!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Moving Forward

We've made HUGE leaps in the Super Secret New Plans department in the past month.
I'm EXHAUSTED!!! But Happy and very excited to soon be able to share all the news!

We were hit with another (very seasonal) winter storm this week. We've been buried in snow and the cold snap has us all cuddled in.

We've been fattening up with some delicious breakfasts made by Momma Beastie.

Here's a sneaky peak of some new colour choices in one of our new rooms!!!

Nammy had me do these for her. Very uncharacteristically blingy for her.

I made myself some springy almond gels over my natural nails. The pink colour is called Tu Tu..... It's delicious!