Sunday, June 17, 2012

Textured Heart Pendant

This textured heart can be an ornament or a pendant or a brooch. It's an easy technique for adding interest to flat pieces. 

 Things you'll need to complete this project:

1 - 56g block of STAEDTLER fimo effect clay colour 505 mint will make four or five  4cm wide hearts
polymer clay roller
scraps of lace
a drinking straw
a 4 or 5cm wide heart shaped cookie cutter (non food use)
soft mop brush
 1cm wide ribbon
fine nail file

Gather together some interesting scraps of lace. Both coarse and fine textures work.

Roll the clay out to a 1/4cm thick sheet and lay the lace of your choice onto it. Roll over the lace until the clay has taken it's texture.

Remove the lace and cut out as many heart shapes as you can.
I re-rolled the clay scraps and cut even more shapes.

Here I used an even finer lace trim. I didn't cover the entire clay surface.

Use an drinking straw to create a hole to hang your piece.

Pick up some STAEDTLER silver powder on your dry mop brush and rub it into the low parts of the lace design. Bake the hearts in a preheated 230 degree oven for 20 minutes and let them cool off.

I used a fine nail buffer (a nail file on a sponge block) to remove the silver powder from the top of the clay design. The silver will stay in the lace pattern.

Cut a 24cm piece of ribbon and tie the ends together. I clipped the ribbon ends into a doves tail to make them look more finished.

Loop the ribbon through the straw opening in the heart and flip the ends through the loop. give a gentle tug to snug things up and hang the piece up and enjoy.
This piece would also make a lovely brooch. 
Just omit the hole and glue a brooch back onto the piece.