Sunday, October 12, 2014

Giving Thanks

Hope you're Thanksgiving weekend is as wonderful as ours has been!
We've been giving thanks for so many things, but especially our new Grand daughter Lily. The kids have been creating personalized thank you notes for the many many folks who have shared our happy!

We wanted to share how we made these cards with you.
We used picmonkey to create the Thank You banners in orange. We printed out pictures taken by the fantastic Nina from Neen Bean photography. (I'm still not sure how she captured not only one, but three photos with Lily smiling and her eyes open!) We used some foam sticky dots to raise the banner over the photo while assembling.

The kids also couldn't resist using some STAEDTLER Triplus color markers to sketch out some tiny Halloween friends on the inside of each card.

This baby thing is a hoot!