Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wii are Distracting!

I've been busy working on the kitchen redecorating, and my kits, and I have suddenly somehow found myself crocheting an afghan for Mr. Jimmy's computer room.

Here are some so far pieces so I can show off the cool Grandma ish 1970's colour scheme. I wanted to add yellow too but it suddenly got way tacky.

This has also been VERY distracting and taking up a good hour of my day after work.

This is a screen shot of Maggs doing Rhythm Karate.
Uncle Wade, Me, Maggs, Mr. Jimmy, and Grandma.
are all there. Very cool!

Wii Fit!
My awesome Bro got us the Wii for Christmas a couple years ago and we have always enjoyed it. But Mom just got Wii Fit and we really are addicted to it. Getting outside in this snowy wintery cold spring has been just unpleasant, so I think the Wii Fit thing will get us in pretty good shape for the summer dress season.