Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How I Use STAEDTLER's New Texture Sheets

 Thought I'd share my favorite way to get STAEDTLER's new texture sheets to do their magic.
I chose the leather and reptile sheet set to show you this time. I think it's my favorite........ 

I conditioned some new STAEDTLER fimo effect jade green #506 and rolled it out on the largest setting on my pasta machine. I misted some water lightly onto both the texture sheet and the clay to act as a release agent. I normally use cornstarch but tried water and really like it better for this application.

I placed the rolled clay onto the texture sheet and fed both through the machine at the largest setting at the same time. I had to help the texture sheet decide what direction to go when it reached the bottom of the machine, but it went much better than I expected. I think I thought the whole thing would jam in there or something.

It was very easy to lift the clay from the texture sheet. Very very easy......... It was a really good image too.
I think I'm going to be using these a whole lot more.

I dry brushed a bit of gold paint onto the textured clay just to guild the lily a bit. 
Couldn't help myself.

I also decided to dust some STAEDTLER metal powder in green onto some unbaked textured clay.

Here it is sanded off and just left in the cracks after baking.
So pretty!
Wait till you see this varnished!!!!