Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentines Wheel of Choices Tutorial

Some things you will need to complete this project:

Plain white card stock
STAEDTLER Karat watercolour crayons
STAEDTLER Fineliner pigment liner set of four markers
White glue
A metal paper fastener or brad
Soft round #5 and #2 paintbrushes

Print out the card templates above or use the Fineliners to draw out your own design. If you print the designs out test them to make sure your ink is water fast. If it isn't you'll have to trace the designs out onto card stock and go over the traced design with the Fineliners.

For the cards background I used the side of a light blue Karat watercolour crayon to shade in the edges of the design lightly. I tried to stay only in the areas I wanted blue.

I wet my #5 round brush with water and tapped it onto the side of my water cup to get rid of the excess water. Then I brushed over the coloured areas of the card to blend the blue into the white background.

Next I coloured a little patch of scrap card with some pink watercolour crayon and picked up that colour with a damp #2 round brush. I used the colour I picked up to fill in the letters. I continued to colour and pick up the colour with my brush to fill in different areas of the card with many colours.

After the card dried I ironed it between two pieces of paper to flatten it out. Then I used some small sharp scissors to cut the designs out. I also cut out the centre of the heart in each larger card design.

I picked some silly loves more than slogans to write in each section of the card wheels. I asked the kids for ideas and they were more than happy to help.

With white glue and glitter I added some sparkle to different areas of each card.

After they were all dried I made holes at the bottom of each centre heart and in the middle of each wheel and put the cards together with the little metal paper brad.

These are pretty fun to make and even more fun to play with after you make them. You can leave them as is or mount them onto the front of a pre-made blank card with some foam tape corners.

I'd love to hear what you guys come up with to compare how much you love.