Sunday, April 9, 2017

Playing with STAEDTLER Acrylic Paint

I took some time this week to play. I dug out my STAEDTLER Acrylic Paint set and my mini brushes and got my eyes all focused on tiny things.

I started with little dots. I used many things to make the dots, just experimenting. I used stylus tools or dotting tools. I used the sharp end of manicure sticks, I even tried a tiny paintbrush. They all worked with varying levels of success. The red dots at the bottom were made with the paintbrush and are more splooshes than dots I think.

Then I thought about springtime and flowers and I was off.

Hard to stop once I got going!

Then I thought about a lace doily underneath a vase of flowers.
I can see this nail decorating thing is going to be a bit all consuming. If you need me you know where I'll be!

We were feeling a bit Eastery this weekend. Beastie wouldn't eat the egg no matter how we coaxed her. She carried it around with her forever. Kept hugging it and rubbing it on her cheeks..... I guess it was just too pretty to eat?