Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Día de la calavera de azúcar muertos uñas. (or... Day of the Dead sugar skull nails.)

My apologies to the entire Spanish speaking population of the world. I used babblefish to translate. I've always had a secret desire to speak Spanish. I love the sound of the words. One day (when I win the lotto) I'm gonna hire America Garcia to teach me everything she knows, and I'm pretty sure I'd get more out of it if I could understand what she was saying. Right now all I can understand is angry spanish. I used to have the sweetest neighbors who would argue in Spanish. They would always translate for me as the went so as not to be rude.
I miss those guys

Still working away. But I did once again manage to find time to do my nails.

These ones are pink and turquoise Martha Stewart glitter mixed into the clear acrylic powder with my own Day of the Dead sugar skulls made from FIMO polymer clay.

I really like this cane and want to do it using different colours.
I added some orange nail polish dots to the smile line then clear coated the works. I'll see if I can find time to do some traditional flowers on there too using the acrylic powder mixed with eyeshadow colours.