Sunday, January 23, 2011

Knitted DMC Floss Bracelet with Beads. From the Archives.

Quite a while back I made this tutorial for HA Kidd and co here in Canada. They are the folks responsible for beads and findings for sewing and DMC floss. A fabulous company all around.
We have company this week, Auntie J is visiting, so I'm using this as an opportunity to sift through the project archives and put up some things you may not have tried before.


1. Wind one skein of
DMC color variations floss
onto a floss holder. Feed
the loose end of the floss
into the beading needle and
load on 60 beads.

2. Make a slip knot 12cm from loose end
of floss. This slip knot will be your first
cast on stitch. Cast on four more
stitches to have five in total.
3. Slide five beads up closer to knitting,
placing first bead right up against needle.

4. Start knitting row, pushing a new bead up
to the needles before every stitch. Knit 6
rows in this pattern. You will use half of
the 60 beads for these 6 rows.
5. Continue to straight
knit without beads for
55 rows (or when
unbeaded section measures
15cm). Finish piece
by adding 6 more rows
of bead knitting. Cast
off on the seventh row,
without beads.

6. Finished piece should
measure 19cm for an
average wrist width.
Add or take away knitting
rows to increase or
decrease length as
desired. Use a big eye
beading needle to sew
the raw thread ends
back into piece before