Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3D Daisy Skull Nails and a Cat.

This is what happens when you're cat begins to feel neglected.

Changed my nails and tried to take pics but the cat kept getting in the way. He wanted to be cuddled RIGHT NOW!!!
So I stopped taking pics and cuddled.

Here is a post cuddling pic. He fell asleep so I could continue.
I took off the orange dots on the smile line and added giant daisies. For a while my ring finger looked like a skull bunny. They're silly but I like 'em. The 3D flowers don't ever seem to fall off.

Polymer Clay, Forgotten Fairy Sculpt.

Did this sculpt forever ago as a teaching aide. It was smashed in the trunk of my car and I never finished it but there are some pretty good details in these pics so I thought I would share them with you.

Started taking pics after the head was almost completed. It was about two inches from tip of the head to her chin. I built her on a knitting needle.

There is still quite a bit of finishing to do. Here I have added a neck and blended the clay up into the head so there is no seam.

A pretty good shot of how I start my ears. Again there needs to be some more refining but it gives you the idea of where I'm going and hopefully how I get there.

I added some wire armature to support the arms. Wrapped the wire around the knitting needle to secure it somewhat. Then I added clay over the wire and started adding the torso pieces.

This is the rough in. I usually make it pretty high up. Things tend to soften and fall a bit while you sculpt and it's better to start high then have to figure out how to squish it back up if it gets too long in the body.

There, she's starting to come together here. I added some definition and curves to her arms (no hands yet) and smoothed out the whole thing a bit.

She 's looking better, almost ready to be posed before her first short bake to firm everything up a bit. The hands are added after I get most of her smoothed out and detailed after the first bake.

You can see that there are still finger prints in her back. I used FIMO classic so she would retain detail better while I was sculpting, but even it will warm up a bit too much if you're hot handed like me. You can let your pieces rest in the fridge while you take a break. it helps to stop the distortion made while you handle the piece.

Wish I had finished her. She would have been a cutie.