Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kitchen Retrovations Continue.

Birthday week was pretty great this year except poor Mom was sick on my actual birthday but Maggs made me some pretty kick butt quiche. Merc sent me a virtual birthday note via the interconnected web. Mr. Jimmy spoiled me the weekend before with a fun antiquing day, and Mom surprised me with an after birthday celebration up in her Attic apartment when she felt better. That's not to mention all the great birthday suprises I got at work, or the super special flowers from Mom and then more from Auntie J and the A man. All in all I'm feeling pretty loved and spoiled.

George really likes birthdays..... well maybe he just likes birthday boxes that have been emptied. (Maggs always gets the best boxes for her gift giving.) Seriously.... why do cats cram themselves into the most impossibly teeny boxes? How can that be comfortable?

Here is a pic of what we've been up to today. I'm painting colour onto the cupboards while standing on a ladder and enjoying a bowl of pink lemonade ice cream. Twice I almost dipped the brush into the bowl and once I dipped the spoon into the paint. It all seems to be working out well otherwise though.


Progress is being made slowly. Really want the paint to stick so we're taking our time and sanding and TSP ing well before we prime. We are also making sure the primer is well dried before we apply paint to it. Hopefully it will last a bit longer because of our efforts but only time will tell.