Monday, July 30, 2012

Decorating in the Colour of Retro

The retrovations continue....

 We recently purchased scads of fabric to make curtains for the living room / dining room windows. We're planning on using all three of these fabrics and the new geranium flowers somehow. I think the turquoise will be just an accent and the citron will be the main colour...... But things often change.

 These colours are already in the living room on the stool.

 and the colours are in the kitchen on the cafe curtains.....

and the cupboards....

 and they're in the dining room on the accent wall.
I am all excited to get started on the new curtains but cutting into that much fabric makes my knees a little weak. 

Any encouraging thoughts? 
Tips to bolster my nerves?
How do you gather the guts to cut into large amounts of fresh new fabric?