Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sock Dreams Purchase!

I made a fun online purchase that I thought I would share with you all.

I ordered six pair of socks from a company called
Sock Dreams.
Three pair for me and three pair for Maggs. Maggs got the stripey ones and the purple pair and mine are grey, rust and green. The rust and green socks are called over the knee socks and they do come to just over my knee, but the rest are thigh highs.


....and they are thigh high!
I can pull them way up to the top of my leg and make them look like tights if I want to wear them with a skirt, or I can cuff them like this and wear them with leggings and a long top.

I Love these socks.
They were reasonably priced and look and feel like they will last forever....... the shipping was quick and trackable however shipping fees were half of the order price. The socks came to just about $60.00 and the shipping was almost $30.00. I wish there were an option for cheaper shipping, I'd order from them every month if there were.