Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Speedy Quick Eye Sculpt

Here is a fast eye sculpt tutorial for you.
Just in case you were interested.

Make an indent in the face clay to accept the eye and push the eye in there. Try to eliminate any air pockets. Make a flattened worm of flesh colour clay for the top eyelid.

Place the top eyelid flattened worm and repeat for the lower lid.

Smooth everything out using a flat smooth tool or your fingertip. I use a soft clean paintbrush to remove any unwanted fingerprints.

Form a tear duct and eye corner with a stylus tool, knitting needle or dull needle tool. Shape a top eyelid crease. Define the eye shape.

I used a cutter to make the eye into a round cabochon or flat backed jewel.

Add more detail, some wrinkles to show age, or creases to show expression. Remove any unwanted fingerprints and bake the piece according to package directions.

Add a rim of pink to the inside edge of the top and bottom lids and the tear duct area. Add some lashes or shading maybe some eyeshadow?

These eyes seem to be working out pretty well. I can't wait to experiment with some different colours and metallic powders for the iris. Let me know how you make out.