Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Productive Day

It's really starting to feel like fall around here. Today we did a whole bunch of nesty things. Maggs rearranged her room, Mr. Jimmy raked the lawn and I made curry soup and chocolaty treats to serve with hot cocoa.

The soup had loads of squash and freezer junk, like tomatoes and stock made last month and frozen. We added some sausage and brussels sprouts and a few apples to sweeten the pot. We dunked out homemade seed bread into it and it was delicious.

Maggs and Mom and I decided we needed something sweet, so I went and picked up some red velvet cake mix. We turned it into kirsch flavored cake balls dipped in chocolate and speckled with walnuts. These won't last long around here.

I was asked by a family friend if I could rework a string of pearls that belonged to her mother. I'm turning a double strand into a single longer strand and a bracelet. It's therapeutic, stringing beads.

I decided to pull out some beads I got online and start playing with them too. I love these colours together. Red and turquoise are gorgeous and there is something retro about the colour pairing.

It was a great day!