Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Texturey Bits For Inspiration

We snapped a HEAP of photos for future inspiration and I wanted to post them here so I would have a record to pull from later on. Hope you find these inspiring too!

Warning: Photo Heavy!

Growing in the castle garden wall.

Rooftop in Roquefort.

Stone wall and rose bud at the Templar walled village.

Freshly baked bread at the Millau market.

Moss growing on the pool wall.

More pool wall moss and likens.

This looked like a juniper, however the "berries" were almost an inch and a half across. They were growing on a tree in the castle garden. Anyone know what this is?

Cool little wildflower/weed. Looks like it has sleeping fae cuddled up on each petal.

Walls in the Roquefort cheese caves.

Hens and Chickens growing on the garden wall.

Castle courtyard stone walls.

More moss growing out on a field edge near Millau.

Two thousand year old beads in the museum in Millau.

More wall succulents.

A calcified neanderthal skull in the museum in Millau.
Because there are only 57 more days until HALLOWEEN!!!!!!