Monday, March 12, 2012

Bunny Sweater Brooch..... or Still Chasing The March Hare.

I'm a big fan of 1950's fashion. I own many cardigans and thought what a better way to dress up a cardi for Easter than to add a bunny on wheels pin. This is a pretty easy project and would make a great gift for any cardigan wearing relatives this spring season. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Products needed to complete this project:
12 gold color eye pins
20 gauge wire
Two one inch gold brooch backs
E6000 jewellery adhesive

Tools needed to complete this project:
Basic plastic modelling tools and roller tool
Double round nose pliers with wire cutter
Non food use baking sheet

 Roll out the shapes you will need to make the bunny out of FIMO soft chocolate. You will have one body, one back leg, one tail and one ear. Use the pictures to help you create the shapes. Place the front leg onto the bunny body as shown blending the back edge of the front leg into the body.

Roll out some FIMO effects aqua to a 1/8 inch thick sheet and press a piece of textured ribbon or fabric onto it. Cut ¼ inch wide strips of this ribbon clay. Place a piece of the ribbon clay onto the neck area of the bunny body to act as a collar.

Assemble the rest of the bunny by adding the back leg, the tail and the ear as shown.

Roll small lengths of the ribbon clay around the end of a knitting needle or pencil tip to form curls of a bow. Place these curls to look like a tied bow.

Roll out some yellow clay to make a rectangle that will fit along the bottom edge of the bunny. Cover a one inch thick worm of aqua effect clay with a ¼ inch thick sheet of yellow clay. Trim the yellow clay to be even with the aqua worm and roll to smooth.

 Slice two ¼ inch thick discs of the yellow wrapped aqua worm to make tires for the toy. Place a small ball of yellow in the middle of each tire and flatten.

 Make a half egg using the FIMO soft white clay that is about an inch wide by an inch and a half long. Adorn the egg in aqua color ribbon clay as you did the bunny.

Push the sharp end of a head pin into the front of the yellow bar beneath the bunny and into the bottom of the decorated egg just under the ribbon.

Make a worm from the aqua clay and the yellow clay that are about ¼ inch thick. Cut equal segments from each that are about ¼ inch long. Roll these segments into balls and then pierce them with a length of 20 gauge wire to form beads. You will need 10 beads, 5 of each color. Bake these pieces according to the package instructions and allow to cool.

To assemble the pieces, put a headpin through each of the beads and using the double round nose pliers turn a circle in the other end of each pin. Join these head pins with beads into an alternating yellow, aqua bead chain. Attach one end to the bunny and the other to the eggs headpin. Don’t forget to add a pupil in the eye using a permanent marker.

Use the E6000 jewellery adhesive to attach the brooch pins to the backs of the egg and bunny pieces and let them dry.

Still haven't caught up to that March hare! I'm getting closer though. Lets see how many bunny projects it takes for me to catch up with him.