Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Things.

I've been busy working away on a commission this week, but not too busy to create other things too. George has also been busy getting in my way.

Honest, I slather affection on him constantly! You'd think he was starved for it the way he insinuates himself on everything we are working on. I think it's his way of slowing down the creative process so we don't miss anything. He really is helping!

Here are some new things I've done with some of the Five Sisters beads I got last week.

Simple drop earrings on a turned head pin. Took five minutes to make two pair.

A matching wrapped drop pendant.
Sometimes the simplest things are the best ones.

Here is the new fabric I got from Hootcouture to make Mr. Jimmy and I our spring outfits. It came speedy quick and wrapped in a pretty little dotty ribbon. Can't wait for a couple seconds to rub together so I can start sewing.