Monday, January 28, 2013


This week seems to have started off with a critter theme.

George has been keeping an eye on things. It's been either too cold or wet for him to roam the neighborhood  so he's been hanging around and getting involved in our activities. It's always much more inviting to sit on the sofa and watch movies with a George cuddled up on your lap.

These little guys have been lingering in my work area since we visited P.E.I..
I'm dying to make a mold from them but I'm worried about crushing them with the mold making compound.
I'm sure I'll figure something out. Maybe a resin dip.......

We had a visit from Mrs. Grouse this week too.
She showed up in our front garden under a bush. I would have never seen her but Mom spotted her right away. We don't see many of these in town. She must have been overcome with the cold. Mom made sure she had some seeds to fill her up. 

How's your week starting off?
Hope you have some critters of your own to share it with.