Monday, November 20, 2017

So Many Nails

 A quick nail post to let you know I'm still kickin'.
These are some of the nails from the last month or so. I've really been enjoying the requests from my nail girls. Every time a different technique or colourway. 

Window nails accented with some metallic striping tape.

These are mine. I did a bit of a tutorial on 3D gel flowers for my Nail Nerdz.

So soft. a pretty mini baby boomer fade with a mandala accent nail stamp.

Hello Kitty Nails!!! With an embedded 3D bow. Hard to photograph. I'll have to do a bit more research on capturing the depth. I used acrylic paint under a gel topcoat to detail these.

Some natural looking french extensions for some wonderfully talented musical hands.

My eldest's fingers. I LOVE it when she comes home and I can spend time just her and I. So good to pamper her a bit.

Some wintery nails with my first go at a 3D sweater nail and a hand painted jeweled snowflake on a custom blended blue.

WOW!!!! Rainbow Chrome with a hand painted red rose. These babies have some bling!

Subtle accents over a natural looking french. These are very beauty and the beast. Love the rose stamp. I hand painted some swirls on there too just to fill it in.