Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bedroom Floor Posies

We are forever renovating the house. With all the family changes going on around here the rooms are constantly changing functions. After 15 or so years, Mom has flown the coop and is enjoying her own space in her own flat. That left her upstairs room vacant. We have been slowly decorating and changing the space to meet our needs as a master bedroom. We've painted the once chocolate brown walls to a warm cream, we've primed the floor and added a decorative one stroke rose and leaf pattern with some beautiful paint (Thank you cousin Lindsay!!!)

Here is a closer look at the floor design. It was hard to stop making these rose sprays. I kept wanting to add more clusters and it very easily could have ended up like a bad hair cut. Adding more clusters closer together around the room until there was no more open space..... I stopped while I still wanted to add more. I think there are just enough now.....

Here's a shot of Lily on the floor to give you a spacing idea. (and to show you how cute Lily is playing on the new floor!)

We've added two coats of water based semigloss varnish and some trim to finish the room off. The varnish yellowed the floor a bit and thicker areas of varnish went almost caramel, but I really like the aged look it gave the room.

We got these gorgeous paints from The Painted Peacock in London Ontario. They are made by a company  called Homestead House Paint Co.... Fusion paint is the perfect choice for finishing furniture with almost no prep work and a built in top coat, but I fell in LOVE with the colours. I knew they would work well with a one stroke rose and leaf for the bedroom floor. We wanted something that looked like it had been in the house for years. We didn't want anything too bright or new looking.

Here are some of the colours available. They also offer a line of furniture finishing and re-finishing courses that are extremely economical and informative. Please do stop by The Painted Peacock at the London Market and say Hello from us!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Painting the House

We've had our hands full lately with work and grand baby and minor decorating. I got my hands on some gorgeous paint made by a manufacturer in Toronto. (Thank you cousin Lindsay!) More on the paint later.

There will be so many more posts coming. Some posts about renovating, some about new publications, still more exciting posts about a fantastic giveaway.... Been planning this giveaway for weeks! You're going to LOVE it!!!

It's Canada Day! We celebrated by having some delicious red and white pancakes. Love it when our local strawberries are ready!