Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seeing Eye Earrings.

Here are the accompanying ear dangles to the seeing eye choker I did earlier this year.
I got loads of positive feedback form this creepy piece and decided it needed to be part of a set.

Things you'll need to complete this project:

Small amount of Fimo clay in a flesh colour of your choice
Basic sculpting tools
Pre- made eye about 4mm like this one or this one
Two 18mm x 13mm cabochon settings I got mine here
Acrylic paint in brown, pink, white
Mini paint brushes a liner, a mini mop and a deer foot
Clear varnish or clear polish
black felt
seed beads
small teardrop beads
beading thread and a needle
two earring backs and posts
E 6000 glue

Press a small amount of your choice of flesh coloured clay into each of the cavities in the cabochon settings.

Use a round end tool to push a depression the same size as the eyes you are using, into the center of each clay plate.

Put a thin worm of clay over and under each eye.

Use a smooth round tool to blend the worm clay into the surrounding face clay.

Use a ball tool or dotter to shape the eyelids and make a tear duct in each eye.
Bake the pieces at 230 degrees for 15 minutes and let them cool off.

Use a blush coloured acrylic paint to add some depth around the eye. I mixed some brown with my pink and and teeny deer foot brush to dry brush colour into the deeper parts of the sculpt.

Add a pink line to the inner edge of each eye lid and to the tear duct of each eye.

Add a brown liner to the outer edge of each eye both top and bottom. Use the deer foot brush to add some white paint to the inner top lid of each eye and a mini mop to add a hint of pink to each cheek bone and brow outer edge.

Drop a small bit of clear glaze or varnish into each eye to help it look wet. Let the piece dry before moving on to the next step.

Cut two pieces of black felt the same size as each piece. Thread the beading needle with matching thread.

Push the post of an earring through the center of each felt piece and add a daub of glue to the post back. Set the earring back and felt piece onto the backs of each eye setting. Let the glue dry before moving onto the next step.

With the threaded beading needle sew the felt piece onto the metal setting through the filigree edge.

Bring the needle through to the top of the piece near the edge of the eye and load on five seed beads. Sew back through the filigree and felt at the eye's edge and then back up through to the top of the piece near where the needle went down. add five more beads and continue with these steps until you have rimmed the eye in with beads.

Bring the needle out through the bottom edge center of the piece and load on seven seed beads and one teardrop bead. Put the needle back through the seed beads from tear drop bead side and then back through the felt at the bottom center where you came out of the piece originally.

Add two more seed bead tassels ending in tear drop beads to each side of the first. Make each strand smaller by two seed beads. The second strand will have five seed beads and the third will only have three. Knot your thread off well and add a dot of glue if necessary.

The backs should look pretty nice. Felt is great for hiding stitches if you use the same colour thread.

I love to finish my pieces this way with the felt back. It makes them look neater and they are more comfortable to wear.

Happy Hallow e'en!