Saturday, April 3, 2010

Personalized 3D Cards

Made these cards a long while ago but just found the pics again. Thought it might be fun to re share them with you. I used Heinz Jordan stickers and gel pens.

(My apologies to Auntie J)
Super Auntie!!!

Super Me!

Mr. Jimmy and his awfully grey Birthday cake.

Had to make this one. Doesn't he look HAPPY?
So Fun!
Love making and giving cards.

Mini Stiletto Nails

Made some new nails using large aurora confetti and mini porcelain roses.
I like the stiletto shape, but have to have them short for the day job or I'd break a finger. These feel really short but are about the same length at the tip as my other nails.

Used the scanner to make pics. If I move my hand even a little bit it skews the image. No news on the camera yet.