Thursday, August 16, 2012

Extra Fimo Beads... A Simple Bracelet Tutorial

I have a heap of extra beads made from STAEDTLER fimo and decided it was time I did a tutorial on stringing them into a wearable piece. I used the extra beads from this project .

Here is the pile of black and red beads I intend to use. I really liked these ones and I'm glad I made extra.

I'm going to string a bracelet but a necklace would be as easy. Just lengthen the string to make a necklace. I cut a piece of cotton string to 2ft long. I folded it in half and tied a lobster claw clasp onto the folded end.
I used white cotton for this project so you could see what I was doing. I will restring the piece later with black cotton. Try to match whatever colour the majority of your beads are to your cotton.

String on as many beads as you would like to fit around your wrist. I usually add one more than I need just for good measure.

Tie a jump ring onto the open end of the bracelet when your done adding beads, knotting it several times. Keep a little bit of slack in the cotton. If the jump ring is tied on too tightly the bracelet won't bend properly and may break. You can also add some fray check or white glue to the knot to secure it.

Re-string the cotton back down the last two beads and knot the cotton around the bracelet body a couple times.  Trim off the loose ends

Add four or five more ump rings to the tied on jump ring. These extra loops makes your bracelet fit more people. I also added a flat bead to the last jump ring as a little pendant.

Here are the finished working parts in action. It's clean and professionally finished, and it was simple and quick to make. I hope this helps any of you who haven't tried beading because of the finishing. Please do have a go.... it's relaxing and pays back.... Making your own accessories that exactly match your wardrobe is a dollar stretcher.

It's also a bit of a good thing to be able to whip up unexpected home made gifts.