Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kitchen Colours and Some Curtain Choices.

Mr. Jimmy and I have made a bunch of headway in the Kitchen. We are almost done the paint part of the retrovation. Here are some progress shots and how we are making out with accessories and dressing.

This is a shot of the dining room wall and some of the colours we have in there. It also is following the teal, lime and red colour palette. It wasn't planned. We realized after we picked the kitchen colours that we already had them in many other rooms. I guess you should go with what you like.

The painting is almost done and the doors are almost all back on now. We are trying to figure out curtains.
I got this Amy Butler fabric from Simply Sew quite a few months ago. I hope they have more. I am planning on cafe curtains. I think the body of the curtains will be white with a thick trim of this Amy Butler fabric and maybe some red rick rack to separate the two.

The new door knobs installed. I love the old look of the porcelain mixed with the shiny new chrome.

Here is a better shot of the Amy Butler fabric we chose.

A matchy cookie jar we found up in the cupboard while the doors are off. Glad she didn't get given up at a yard sale.

A giant lilly opened up today in the living room. It smells so sweet. Must remember not to get my nose too close or I'll be wearing that pollen.

Happy Easter!