Sunday, November 4, 2012

Needle Felting a Rat.

Auntie J and Mom brought us a load of needle felting supplies in the summer. Maggs has been felting up a storm, but I haven't had a chance to make anything with it until this weekend.

Here's what I got!
A little white rat!

I didn't take very many early construction photos because I wasn't sure it was going to be anything worth documenting. This is the first pic I took. Most of the body is constructed of felted balls. I poked some flexible wire through at the arm and leg spots and covered the wire wool and felted it. I did the same for the tail.

I curled the ends of the wire into loops and covered them with pink felt to make little paws.

I felted the center of two little flat bits of wool.

Folded them in half and felted some more.

I added a wee bit of pink to the inside of each. They're ears!!! This is soooooo much fun and way too addictive!

I attached the ears.

I found some teeny black teardrop beads in my stash and sewed them into the head.

I tightened the threads to sink the eyes into the face a bit. I cut off the extra thread and felted a bit of white wool over the thread exit point at the back of the head.

I added a bottom jaw.

I wrapped some pink wool around the pointy tip of a wooden skewer and felted it.

These little pink worms made excellent thumbs!

Have you tried needle felting yet?