Monday, May 21, 2012

A Week Full of Flowers

These last few weeks have been busy. I've been working 50 plus hour weeks at the day job and haven't had much time or extra energy for creating. To cheer us all up I've been bringing flowers home and I did manage to get my nails prettied up.

Mr. Jimmy and I had a date and went to see The Avengers. I loved it! I picked up some inexpensive kids nail stickers and slapped them on over some turquoise polish. Not my most creative design... but cheerful.

Mom's got the porch all set up and looking welcoming. There are so many flowers at our house they're even spilling out onto the porch.

Our skid garden is growing well. I'm optimistic about our first food/herb garden in this yard. It's long overdue. 

Our lilac topiary has begun to bloom. I love that the scent blows into the kitchen.

Mom and I went and picked out some pink hydrangea to fill the empty pot in front of the house. We lost a topiary last year so we are looking all lopsided. Hopefully this colourful bush will help. Looking forward to things settling down a bit at work so I can open the summer sewing studio / cottage / garage. I've purged my closet and need to start making some summery clothes or I'm going to have to spend the summer in my jammies!