Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Night Mehndi With Maggs

 When the girls were little, we did mehndi or henna tattoos in the spring. I haven't been able to find a good supplier lately so we haven't done it in ages. We picked Maggs up a gorgeous kit online and were going to give it to her on her birthday but I couldn't wait.

Here's what she did to her left hand. She's fabulous! I started her off by making the flower in the center for her but she built off of that and did the rest.

It really looks like a piece of beautiful lace draped across her hand. 

Here she is working on some curly cues and dots to fill the design in. You can faintly see an old design under the new black henna. We're relearning. It's like icing a cake. Loads of fun!

This is what I made on the inside of my wrist. I think it looks like a fish flower. These designs will darken up over the next few days and we'll add some progress shots to you can see what happens. Henna is pretty cool. 
Have you played with Henna?


Here are a couple shots of the second day. You can see how much darker the henna on my inner wrist got in one night.

Here is Maggie's arm. I really like how hers turned out. We'll Have to experiment more this summer. I'm working out a design in my head that involves an octopus.

I got this very cool Mehndi kit from an ETSY seller. Redwood Henna. Their instructions were very easy to follow and the scent they have mixed up for their kits is gorgeous.