Thursday, March 8, 2012

Racing Bunnies.... Easter Magnets For The Fridge.

I thought I would include this rough sketch of how my projects begin. I almost always draw ideas out before I make them 3D real projects. I have three giant black sketch books for keeping these idea sketches in. Sometimes I'm surprised at how closely the actual project resembles the idea sketch. Do you have an idea book where you doodle projects that you want to complete? Having these books helps keep me motivated and organized, and I prefer these hands on real world idea books to the virtual variety. Although I must admit I do understand the lure of the pin.

Products needed to complete this project:

Six heavy duty ¾ inch flat magnets

Tools needed to complete this project:
Basic plastic modelling tools
Non food use baking sheet

 Roll out the block of chocolate color FIMO soft clay into a six inch long snake. Cut the snake into three equal pieces and cut a half inch piece from the end of each piece. You will have three one and a half inch pieces and three half inch pieces.

 Form the larger snakes into flat pear shapes. These will be the bunny bodies. Roll out the half inch pieces into one quarter inch thick worms.  This worm can be divided into a tail and two ear pieces.

 Flatten two lengths of the quarter inch thick worms into ear shapes keeping the ends pointy. Smooth one end of each ear onto the head of the bunny and blend by gently rubbing the seam. Use the last bit of the quarter inch thick worm to make a flat teardrop shape for the tail. Push indents for eye sockets using a sculpting tool.  Pinch off a small amount of white clay and make two eye balls. Pinch off a teeny bit of pink clay and make a small triangle nose. Push the bunny onto a magnet so the magnet is embedded into the bunny’s belly flush with the clay edges. Bake according to manufacturer’s instructions. Allow them to cool.

 Using the STAEDTLER permanent marker, draw on pupils for the eyes.

 Cut two sections from the light pink, light blue and lilac FIMO effect clay and four sections from the white FIMO soft clay. Make worms of each of these colors and twist the worms together, re rolling and twisting until you are happy with the marbling. I rolled and twisted mine six times.

Cut this new pastel marble clay into three equal sections and form flat backed egg shapes from each section. Embed a magnet into each egg back as you did for the bunnies. Bake according to manufacturers package directions. Allow to cool. 

These little guys have been on our fridge for a while now and everyone who comes into our kitchen makes them speed up and down the fridge. These bunnies are built for speed!
I told you I was on a bunny kick..... only half way through the bunny obsession.

Stay tuned for more Bunny tails.