Monday, March 5, 2012

Studio Makeover Progress

This is seriously a load of work.

 The space is approximately 25 X 15 not including the fabric room. That's another 12 X 12 space that will store my fabric and patterns.

 I can already find things I need at a glance. 
 All the adhesives I could wish for on one shelf!

I've thrown out dozens of dried out or separated paints.... so sad.

A shelf just for glitter and sparkles.

 Oh and the beads and jewelry findings....

 There are ten drawers like these ones filled to overflow with earring clips and chains and jump rings and bezels and brooch backs.......

There has been heaps of progress. I know because of the thirty or so storage boxes I've emptied and recycled. It's still such a jumble though. I'm half excited about being able to use the space and half crippled by depression about the amount of work ahead of me before I can call it done. 
My chin is up...... I'm going back in! 
Wish me luck?

Spoiled With Maggie Cake

Maggs made us some delicious cake this weekend. I asked her where she got the recipe and she said. "Jeez Mom, I know how to make cake." She makes me laugh. I still use cake mixes because I can never seem to get a consistent result without one. Here she is at seventeen, not only just winging a basic cake recipe... but elaborating on it.

She's made it chocolate mint. Brown layer chocolate.... green layer mint. We were out of icing sugar so she used our tried and true method for 
Cake and tea for breakfast anyone?