Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Teeny Tiny STAEDTLER Fimo Nail Art Roses

Here are some more mini roses for nail art inclusions. I originally made them here. But have decided it needed a tiny tutorial video and some other colour examples. 
Thanks to STAEDTLER for the unlimited colour selections available.

Hope this is useful.
I'll be posting some pics of the roses once they are inside a set of nails.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Real Life

This is a picture heavy post. The last two weeks have been a blur of activity but things are slowly returning to normal around here. 

The kids came from the big city to spend Thanksgiving with us. They're puppy sitting for a few months for a wonderful family friend. Look at that mug!!!

The turkey was a smash! We poked lemon and sage under the skin and slathered it with butter.

Lily has decided that oatmeal is her breakfast of choice.

This is me, resting...

These two were in cahoots the entire time they were together.

Spent some amazing catch up time with my bestie making yummies and decorations with her for her parent's fiftieth.

Lily did art!

Sparkly, sparkly art....
Sparkles eventually come out of the bathtub, right?

Discovered the joys of slab sandwiches!!!

Sparkles are everywhere!
Even on the cookies!

The last of the local strawberries were decorated too.

And they're off. Back to the big city.
We miss them so when they go.
can't wait until they come back again.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Simplicity 3418 and Maggie's Spoonflower Robot Fabric

I'm so very in love with this little dress!
I used to make dresses like this for my girls when they were wee. Now I can make them for our Lily too!
This one is extra special because we've used the spoonflower fabric that we had printed from Maggie's robot drawing. This fabric was made for Maggs and we've never quite known what we were going to make from it. When Maggs and I saw this little dress pattern we knew it was the perfect make for the robots!

Can't wait to make more of these! I altered the pattern a wee bit to make it more wearable. I bound the inside of the collar with bias tape and made the ties at the back much thinner and shorter, but otherwise I left it as is.

The wee bit of lace at the collar and sleeve were from various family sewing boxes. 
Nice to add a bit of historical family sewing love.

Over all the finished dress is pretty spectacular!

Thirteen little buttons at the back.