Sunday, May 6, 2012

Smoked Pork Chops and Purple Cabbage with Home Baked Bread

We are truly cabbage lovers. Any form is good, Plain old heads of cabbage, savoy cabbage, purple cabbage and even Brussels sprouts are favored here....... especially when paired with a pork product. We have many variations on this dinner in our recipe archives and we've enjoyed every one. Check out the recipe tab above if you're interested.

First we browned some of Krug's delicious smoked pork chops off in a big roasting pan on top of the stove.

Then we removed the chops and browned off two big yellow onions

We add in some chopped purple cabbage and wilted that down a bit

Then we put in a whole bottle of beer. Don't worry folks.... most of the alcohol will cook off so my 1/4 of a beer tolerance level won't embarrass me.

We seasoned it with salt and pepper, added a few bay leaves and a couple of chopped up garlic cloves, topped the whole mess off with the previously browned pork chops and covered it with tin foil. We baked it in a preheated oven at 450 for two hours. Then uncovered it for another half hour of baking.

Here's our bread recipe again. I really like this one and we change it up often by adding different nuts, seeds and grains. This time it's just a basic recipe with flax seed and wheat germ

I made two round loaves and scored the tops to make them a bit crustier.

We've been cutting back on the bread making lately. It's a bit of a diet breaker because of the all consuming aroma it gives off. I simply can't seem to stop at one slice.