Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh Deer Take Two.

I'm posting deer progress. I didn't know what she was going to be for sure at first, but now I know.
If you have any ideas please feel free to go ahead and use her to create something of your own..... but please, please send me a message or a link to what happened along the way.
I'm thinking of how to go about sharing some things with you all. This bloggie thing is about sharing and other bloggies out there seem to have things called giveaways. Giving away finished pieces (like an eye pendant) didn't feel right to me. So I'm going to try to publish some more printable projects for you to try this year. That way I'm sharing with more than just one. I need you to let me know how things go on your end once and a while. You know..... for encouragement.

I'll post the full project soon.
Here are the pieces.

She looks kind of funny just lying there all in pieces like this. I'd better hurry up and pull her back together.

It's not really a hurry up kind of day. George is demonstrating the days speed for us.
And yes, that is a catnip ball.