Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to Paint 3D Roses Using Super Softened STAEDTLER Fimo

Excited to share the video on Painting 3D Roses with Super Softened STAEDTLER Fimo.

It's a nail technician's technique, applied to polymer clay.
I love that this Fimo version of the rose allows me time to play with the shapes. The acrylic powder and liquid that I use to create 3D nail art has a very fast cure time and I always feel rushed. 

This really is a very versatile way to make delicate blossoms. 
Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Super Softened STAEDTLER Fimo: Filling a Textured Surface

I've been playing with a heap of new ideas the last little while and am excited to share what I've learned. I use super softened STAEDTLER fimo for a load if techniques and am pleased a punch at the results. This tutorial for filling a textured surface is the first of many tutorials using this  ultra soft clay mix. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Here's a video showing how I make the softened clay. It's not long and I'd love to hear your thoughts. I know the miniature food creators out there use softened clay to make whipped cream toppings and sauces for their teeny delectable. I use mine as a dimensional paint.

I've also been using it to fill textured surfaces. It gives a nice detailed pattern with a smooth as silk finished surface.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On the Wings of Love... Sorry, couldn't help myself!

I made these for the first time almost a decade ago, but I remake them almost every February to get ready for Valentines Day! Thought it was about time I shared them with you.

Materials used to create these pieces:
various jewelry findings to assemble the pieces
ear hooks
leather cord
and any clasps, closures, crimps or jump rings you'll need.

Tools needed to create these pieces:
STAEDTLER Fimo heart push mold
parchment paper

First I made some spacer beads that looked like little crowns. I flattened a ball of silver clay and poked a hole through the middle with a toothpick. Then I made teeny balls of silver clay and set them firmly around the side of each flattened ball bead.

Next I made the winged hearts. I freehand cut out some wings from a 1/4cm thick sheet of mother of pearl clay. My wings were about 5cm wide and about 2.5cm tall. I set two toothpicks near the middle of the wings and used a STAEDTLER Fimo heart mold to make a 3cm wide heart from the metallic red clay. I sandwiched the toothpicks between the wings and the heart. Make sure to twist the toothpicks to make sure they'll come out easily after baking. Bake the pieces in a 230 degree, preheated oven on a parchment lined baking sheet for 20 minutes and allow them to cool.

I strung the leather cord down through one toothpick hole in the heart and up through the other. Then I took both ends of the cord and put them through a crown bead. You can tie the ends of the cord so it will fit easily over your head, or you can add crimps and a lobster claw closure to the ends to finish the piece.

I made the earrings in much the same way. The winged hearts only have one toothpick hole. I added a round silver bead to finish the bottom of the piece and hold the earring together. 

Happy almost warmish weather sometime soon?
We were at -20 something today..... GAH!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Simplicity 4760 Made With Help From a Cat

I'm trying to get a bunch of vacation clothes made before summer and decided to start with some shirts for James. Found this beautiful fabric and couldn't resist a roomy button up. 

The fabric is gorgeous and drapes beautifully. I almost made a dress with it I was so in love. I got started and things were going along pretty well.......


This is George, making sure I'm ok..... 

Checking in to make sure I can handle things on my own. I assured him I had everything under control but I don't think he believed me......

He settled in and insisted on supervising the whole sewing day. I must admit it was very nice to have the company.

The shirt turned out well, although roomier than I had expected. I used the exact same pattern pieces that I always use to make James his shirts...... but this time it seems to be two sizes bigger. 

Maybe James is shrinking?
Do you sew with your cat?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pork Terrine aka Meat Jello!!!

I've never made a terrine before and thought it was about time I learned how. Here's our first attempt at what we affectionately call "Meat Jello".

It really is pretty delicious and very simple to make. It costs pennies a serving too. Pretty economical for a snacky lunchy platter. I think it's going to be something we experiment with in the future.

Well..... Here goes.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Invaded by Elves

 I made these festive little Elves for Mom almost 20 years ago. We bring them out every year to help get us in the spirit. They're our version of a shelf elf. I made them fully pose-able with an armature very like that of the Retro pose-able Santa I made recently for PolymerCafe and STAEDTLER.

I used STAEDTLER Fimo Puppen to make these guys.

Their eyes are painted on. I think that's the biggest change I've made in my doll making process. 

Hope you folks have all had a great start to 2014.
We're looking forward to some bold new choices for Make It With Me.
Can't wait to share all the new ideas and hear what you've all been up to.